Friday, March 18, 2016

How To Maintain Good Friendship

Keeping friendship does need attention in order to remain friends and avoid 
fights that can lead to loss of a friend. Because in this world, man can not live 
without help from others. No wonder if the man referred to as social beings. 
Having many friends is so much fun, the friendship we should indeed look so as 
not to fall into negative influence.
Very much a case of friendship becomes corrupted for some reason that is not 
clear. Though it is very unfortunate, because often friends also play into 
another family to you. Well for that when you get a good friend, so it's good to 
keep the friendship remains good with some way below!
Here's How To Maintain Good Friendship
Know Your True Friends
How to maintain a good friendship first is to know your true friends. Indeed, 
there are some things that can make us bigger ego. With the friends it can assist 
in improving the quality of your life. But in choosing the best friend you know 
in advance where true friends are and where your friends are probably just using 
you. Well knowing the real friends, then you can be more open if you have a 
problem other than to tell the family.
more Flexible
How to keep the friendship of both worlds is to try to be more flexible. 
Flexibility is one of the most powerful ways to maintain friendship for a better 
life. This is because without some flexibility on the nature or behavior then you 
will also be difficult to accept the nature or character of people who are 
generally different from each other. With the flexible nature then you'll have a 
lot more friends.
Will be in vain if you are building a friendship there is no commitment on it. 
Because if there is no strong commitment then you could have a friendship that 
intertwine with your friends will be broken at any time if there is a case. Well 
for that in maintaining a good friendship it's good for you and your friends have 
a commitment as a basic foundation to have a lasting friendship. Given the 
commitment to the event of problems, it can be conquered together.
To keep your friendship are also needed is the attitude of the patient. Dissent 
terkandang occur at each friendship that could be a problem if each put emotion. 
To avoid problems in the friendship it is better if each has the patience to 
avoid a split. If there is a problem it is better to be resolved jointly by 
emphasizing mutual patient.
In friendship certainly needed to be able to communicate to each other for long. 
Both in the family and friendship necessary communications. Communication is 
established both are needed to overcome divisions or conflicts in a friendship. 
With good communication then you can understand what you want your friends, and 
vice versa. Although seen as a minor problem it's good to be communicated 
immediately. Another way is to keep a balance in your friendship to last longer.
Well that was a discussion about how to maintain a good friendship that you can 
know. By means of the above then make your friendship will be longer and will 
certainly avoid the various divisions.


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