Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Best Android Application Comic Reader

After the discussion some time ago to discuss about some of the applications that can be used to download music files, the discussion this time will discuss several applications to read comics through your Android device. Talking about Android is endless. This is because there are many advantages of Google's operating system.

Well for you lovers of manga or Japanese comics, then you can try some comic reader app. The applications can be downloaded directly through the Play Store is the official store of Android. Well just for you who do not know what are the applications? Go see the discussion below!

The following list Comic Reader Android App

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is a comic reader application that you can use with your Android device. By using this application, the user can read manga comics they like. To try this app, you can download it via the Play Store for free. Manga Reader application itself is quite popular among users of Android devices and certainly among lovers of manga comics. This application also provides a manga translated into English. How keen to use this one application?

Manga Rock

Comic reader app on Android that is both Manga Rock is a unique interface that has the look. This application is quite different from the other applications. Because Manga Rock app is available in several languages ??such as Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, English, and also Vietnam. In this application there are a lot of manga available such as Naruto, One Piece, and various other manga. How keen to use this app? Please download it first.

Manga Meow

App to read manga in the next Android is Manga Meow. This application is quite different from other applications, the draw of a Manga Meow application is using the cover of a comic. Another interesting feature of this application is a comic who had read online that can be read by means of offline or without an Internet connection. How interested are also using this one application?

Viz Manga
Next is a comic reader app on Android that is Viz Manga which is equally interesting. Stau applications that can also be downloaded for free with many advantages in it. But for you who would like to subscribe to the comic then there is cost should you spend. Until now cool Viz Manga app has been downloaded and installed many more than 100 thousand users by requiring a minimum of at least Android version 2.3 or above. This application is only 2.4 MB size alone, is light enough not?

Manga Watcher

The next manga reader app is Manga Watcher that is equally good as the applications above. For this application allowing users to read online or also download and store which can then be read later on. In addition, users can also open the manga they like the format png, jpg, or zip also later shared on social media such as Facebook or Twitter as well.

Thus the earlier discussion about some manga reader application that you can try to download and use in reading manga you prefer using your Android device.










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