Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Betel Leaf Health Benefits for the Body

In the discussion this time will discuss about some of the benefits are possessed of betel leaf. Yng Who does not know about the betel leaf? Surely most people know it. Betel leaves itself contains a lot of content that is good for the body such as kavicol, essential oils, phenyl propane, and contains much more. This substance is made of betel leaf is good for health.

Generally dau n betel divided into three namely red betel leaves, green betel leaf, betel leaf and black. Well for those of you who do not know anything sebnarnya benefits of betel leaf? Go see the discussion below!

The following benefits of Betel Leaves

Helps in treating Irritating to eyes

The first benefits of betel leaf is helpful in treating eye irritation. For how to use is by way of betel leaves boiled first and let it cool. After that, try gently rubbed into the eyes. Organ eye itself is one organ that plays an important role in melihan object. Besides the eye is also prone to some of the things that caused the infection. This is because the eyes are often open and many allergens and pollutants that can cause eye irritation.

Assist in Heal Inflammation of the throat

The benefits of betel leaf for the next health is to help heal inflammation of the throat. For the benefit of this one, you can use it with betel leaves with boiling water and leave until cool. Strep throat is a problem that is often experienced by most people. Although not a chronic disease, but strep throat is very disturbing day activities. For signs of strep throat like the pain around the throat that would be very disturbing.

Helps in Curing Asthma

Benefits of the next betel leaf is helpful in curing asthma. In addition to help in curing strep throat, betel leaves it can also be used to assist in curing asthma. Asthma is one of the diseases that are also quite troublesome. Asthma itself is not a chronic disease like diabetes and heart. Asthma is usually characterized by a variety of things such as shortness of breath, feel short of breath, and breath-senggal tersenggal. Well for those of you who are having problems with asthma, then you can use natural means such as using betel leaves have been boiled.

Helps Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath has become one stau things dpaat reduce confidence in someone. Bad breath is a problem that can not be ignored, especially if you often deal with others. There are many ways you can do to help eliminate bad breath one is to use betel leaves. For easy enough to use, you can simply take 3 to 4 pieces of betel leaves and then boiled just until boiling. After a cold boiled water, try to rinse with water from the betel leaf. For how to do this, you can rinse in the morning and at night before bed. Quite easy is not a natural way of this one.

Thus was the discussion about some of the benefits of betel leaf for health. This is because in Duan betel contain some substances that are good for health. The use of natural way is better than using chemicals.


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