Friday, March 18, 2016

Facts About Women You Need to Know

For the men certainly do not know a lot of truth about women. Whereas women have 
as many facts as you can know. Women do have a lot of facts in themselves as they 
prefer to buy goods that are less needed, makeup, brown, clothing, and much more. 
Also in the career field, women equally with men such as revenue earned each 
A survey reveals that almost 19 percent of women have a higher income than the 
partner. For other interesting facts can cry like a woman about 30 to 60 in a 
year. Well to find out more about what the truth about women, go see the 
discussion below!
Here Facts About Women You Need to Know
Women Faster to Move On
Did you know that women can be faster to move on. In undergoing a romantic 
relationship problems often arise indeed. Not a few of the relationships forged 
split on the road, which certainly makes them feel sick. But did you know that 
women are quicker to move on rather than men. For the men may be seated and 
pensive, and waste a lot of their time while depressed, then the woman will be 
faster in starting a new life more.
Women Have a habit of Flashing Twice Faster Than Men
Unique facts about the woman you should know next is women have a habit of 
flashing two times faster than the men. This is because women have higher 
estrogen hormone than men. The hormone estrogen is itself a steroid sneyawa 
affecting organs such as the ability to blink one eye more quickly than men.
As a Good Listener
Unique fact about the next woman is a woman is more likely as a good listener. 
Women use more right brain and the left to hear. Sedangkanpara men prefer to use 
one side of the brain left. Naturally, if wnaita more can be a good listener than 
the men. This is an excess of women and being a woman more sensitive to the talks 
and easily ignited their emotions.
Women Have More Speaking Habits
The next unique fact is women memounyai habit of talking more than men. It's not 
a secret anymore if the famous woman with talkative than with men. Based on a 
study conducted that most of the women can speak up to 20,000 words each day. 
This is in contrast to the men who mostly speak 13,000 words each day. Similarly, 
if it is not rare women who gather with fellow women will be more talk.
Women have a Heart Rate Faster Than Men
In general, normal heart rate between 60 to 100 per minute. Differences in heart 
rate of women and men are different from each other. The heartbeat of normal 
women between 80 to 96 per minute. As for men 72 to 87 per minute.
Thus was the discussion of some unique facts about women that you can know. There 
are many other unique facts other women who also may know.


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